GHG Quota in Germany

Germany introduced a Greenhouse Gas Reduction Quota (Treibhausgasemissionsquote) in order to promote electric vehicles and recognize their contribution to the protection of the environment. How does this work? Let us give you an example: You have an electric car. You save CO2 by not driving a conventional vehicle. This CO2 reduction can be certified and sold to carbon-intensive companies. These companies need to purchase the certificates. Otherwise they would face fines for greenhouse gas emissions that exceed the EU thresholds. 

Who is eligible for the GHG quota?

Anyone who is a vehicle owner, which means anyone who registered an electric vehicle, can apply for a certificate. This applies to both private and commercial vehicles, to both purchased as well as leased electric cars. Please note that only purely battery-powered vehicles are eligible for the quota. Hybrid vehicles are excluded from the GHG quota. 

Where do I get my GHG certificate?

How to apply for your certificate?  It is simple. Leave it up to us. You upload your vehicle registration (Fahrzeugschein) to the THG-Boerse platform and provide us with some personal data, and we apply for it for you. Once we have obtained your certificate from the Federal Environment Office (Umweltbundesamt), we bundle it with others, to market it smartly to big corporations. Then the THG-Boerse provides you with the sum, minus a THG-Boerse service fee of 15%. 

And what about taxes?

Whenever you acquire additional income, the tax authorities want to know. The GHG premium falls under that rule. According to § 22 Nr. 3 EStG, any amount up to 255€ per year is tax-free. Since we disburse more than that, your usual rate of taxation applies. If you prefer receiving only the tax-free amount, please notify us and we will disburse accordingly. You are free to opt for an alternative usage of the remaining sum – e.g. to be donated to non-profit organizations for the benefit of the climate, such as

How often can I certify my GHG quota?

You receive the premium for each calendar year. So, if you register with us in November, you can obtain the sum for the running year and again early the following year. We can continue marketing your certificate for you, so you only need to certify your quota once. You may tell your friends about the THG Boerse to further increase your share. We have a bonus programme for referral. And please feel welcome to review us on social media. We are looking forward to providing our service to you.